Soll is a narrow region between the lands of White Shores and the untamed region of The Hulwar. Its small villages and farming communities exist in a feudal state under the rulership of Human lords, united in a loose collective. Much of the peasantry is kept in strict poverty, although this is less so in the south along the Road of the Dead where travel is safer and trade is abundant. Soll’s borders are heavily fortified along the Hulwar, known as Grimwood among the Sollites, which the wild elves aggressively defend from the perceived human threat.

The savage Elves of the Hulwar are infamous for raiding deep into Soll’s cultivated lands, attacking with malice and thoroughness; caravans will be slaughtered and towns looted simply to deny Sollites of their goods. Metal coins are commonly taken and cut into arrowheads. Thus, unlike most regions in the East, standard-weight currency is not minted within Soll and only the nobility and select tradesmen are allowed to use it. Instead, silver and copper money of other nations are exchanged for tokens made of pig iron and ceramic or wood, treated as equal value within Soll. Gold tends to be exempt due to its softness and the rarity of Sollites rich enough to possess it in quantity.

The native language is an ancient vulgarization of Elven known as Sollone, although the nobility, tradesmen, and the general southern populace are often competent with Vernaceus.

The wizard Carltonius makes his home in a tower near the city of Quantain in the southern region of Soll.


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