Rakshasa form a collective of evil outsider spirits, bound to the material plane after the Stranding within their disturbingly unnatural, semi-corporeal forms. Through mystic powers and magic, they keep a variety of illusory humanoid appearances, for the benefit of their own vanity as well as the rest of the world. These usually range from beautiful humans to majestically fierce ape-men or tiger-men, to placate or impress other races as needed.

Universally, Rakshasa are sadistic, selfish, manipulative, spiteful, and utterly contemptuous of mortal races. They particularly hate humanity, and savor the consumption of human flesh.

Nri-kranasshad is the Rakshasa’s home nation. There they live in unfathomable wealth among palaces of steel, keep the strangest of beasts as pets and mounts, and dress entirely in gold. On occasion a noble of trade will travel as far as Zakhara or Omira to personally check on his merchant interests (and to inspire awe or terror with his presence), perhaps even staying there for an extended time in a massive palace with a large entourage. At least one such palace exists in Eshju in the Borderlands.

A common rumor around the West and in the Borderlands is that only a few Rakshasa are still alive despite appearances, though legends depict the outsiders as numbering perhaps ten thousand or more. In truth neither tales are very far off; Rakshasa reincarnate every one hundred years, those having been killed then return with their old memories as a slight variation of their past self. Over time the Rakshasa have possibly grown even more evil and disturbed through this process.

It is said a Rakshasa will take all his worldly wealth and hide it before a great battle, stashing it away in a magically-trapped storehouse or buried in a hidden makeshift vault, so that it may be retrieved in the next cycle of life. A Rakshasa stripped to only his barest of clothes and his swords is used as a common depiction of fearless power and skill in the known world.

They exclusively worship the demigod Ravana, said to be sleeping dormant in the form of a massive stone which lies off the coast of one of Nri-kranasshad’s great cities. According to some myths, Ravana will reawaken if all Rakshasa were to be dead at the same time, immediately reviving his chosen race and going on to lead a rampage of destruction upon neighboring regions.


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