The Charted Lands

The far eastern end of the main continent is a region known as the Charted Lands. Once dominated by the Lich-Kings of Omira, their elimination has created a power vacuum for continent-wide trade, slowly being filled by the rise of surrounding regions, both unified and divided, including a human-controlled Omira. It is chiefly inhabited by Humans and various elves & goblinoids, though many other races have taken hold in recent centuries.

The Borderlands

This fragmented region has served as both a connection and a buffer between the East and West, facilitating indirect trade amongst opposing ends of the continent. The Bone Road runs from Omira and into the center of the Borderlands, branching into a network of trade routes that continue further east. A great variety of races still exist without major national powers or centers of civilization, inhabiting isolated communities throughout the region. Many geographic scars and ancient ruins thus still remain visible.

The West

As it is simply known among the inhabitants of the East, the far end of their continent is home to a multitude of monstrous empires locked in perpetual conflict.

The Southern Continent

A dark jungle of dinosaurs and ancient kingdoms.

Rumored Lands

This is a temporary collection of locations thought to exist somewhere in the world (whether as ideas brainstormed by the players of the campaign, or as legends within the setting itself) in regions unknown or undetermined.


Stranded Utsanomiko