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Warning: contents are highly corrosive, Albert’s back is not a step. Weekly sessions on Tuesday nights and such.

Off-night games are being developed. Please share your character and adventure ideas. The DM will be listing some of his own PCs under the Character page, marked by the ‘Eshju’ tag.

Premise: Before recorded time, at the end of the age of humanity, the material realm of reality became crowded by the presence of extraplanar beings. Their conflicts escalated into a war ending only by the near-complete severance of the world from other planes of existence. Trapped in their physical forms, these outsiders remained stranded on the material plane, etching out empires and nations in their own corners of the world.

Players are free to start new pages and expand existing ones themselves, though naturally a lot of final revisions will be up to the DM (primarily for the sake of continuity). Revisionism is also open for discussion.

The Wiki currently needs expansions to pages, especially for specific locations within regions. And lots of details could be devised by persons other than the DM. Feel free to add notes with suggestions for material, such as new cities, obscure history, and minor races.

There is a section at the bottom of both the Race and Regions pages for unofficial entries; ideas that haven’t been finalized for use in the setting proper. This is a good place to share potential additions without ‘intruding’ on the established entries.

Home Page

Stranded Utsanomiko