Common Tongues

  • Vernaceus – Lich-King language, used in the Charted Lands of the east.
  • Tlaog – Language of the Borderlands, derivative of Deep Speech.

Racial Tongues

  • Abyssal – Demonic language
  • Deep speech – Languages of various outsiders such as Beholders and Neogi.
  • Draconic – Ancient language of dragons, kobolds, and magicians. Once a common tongue.
  • Dwarven – Language of the Dwarves and some beings of the earth, such as Ghaleb-Duhrs.
  • Elven – Fey language of Eladrin, Elves, and other refugees of the fey realm.
  • Giant – language of orcs, Oni, ogres, and giant-kin. Spoken in many northern regions.
  • Goblin – Language of the hobgoblins, used throughout the east and parts of the Borderlands.
  • Primordial – Language of Genies and elementals.
  • Supernal – Language of celestials, Devils, and similar astral beings.

Regional Tongues


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