Eshju Campaign


Corgyn Avenger of Bahamut


Gabbin is descended from the line of Ddraiwulf the Dragon Master, who swore an oath to fight alongside the dragons of Zimjarnen. His ancestors include great warriors, dragon riders, forgers of alliances, and heroes of battle. Gabbin’s humble timidness would make people suspect anything but. Though he has devoted himself to the rites and traditions of his birthright and trained diligently under the Justicars of the family’s shrine of Bahamut, he does so out of a sense of duty, without much confidence in his own ability. His greatest drive is his sense of inspiration from his ancestry and the dragons they fought alongside.

To this end, Gabbin has been sent west to make use of his devition to the Platinum Dragon god beyond his comfortable homeland. With any luck he’ll find his footing and make some name for himself.


Stranded Utsanomiko