Kairek Chaktari

Eshju Campaign


Half-Elf illusionist/summoner Wizard


Living among the decaying fortresses of Chaktar, Kairek grew up under the tutelage of a small group of magic-users known as the Chaktari Wizards. They studied within towers overgrown with vines, pouring over the spell books and ritual tomes left behind by the hobgoblin sorcerers and illusionists. Kairek developed a great interest in history, especially for fallen kingdoms like the one from which Chaktar had developed. Upon his acceptance as a full-fledged Wizard, Kairek took up a quest to collect more history and relics of magic, as many of his order did in their careers, and headed to the city of Eshju for its centers of learning and knowledge.

Kairek Chaktari

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