Quintus Sornoa

Eshju Campaign


Human Cleric of Tiamat.


Quintus Sornoa was born as the fourth child of the Sornoa family, one of the few human households of political power remaining in Eshju. Missing out at the chance to inherit the family’s titles of either Head of the House, Master of Trade, or House Assassin, his next option like all others was to join the clergy.

Located just outside the Banker’s District is the Unified Majestic Church of the Chromatic Dragon, a Reformationist Tiamatan temple. One of the few centers of worship devoted exclusively to Tiamat outside of draconic territories, it has appropriated the Dragon goddess’ standard tenants of greed, vengeance, and strife, and presented them in a more ‘neutral’ manner. By the conviction of their priests and clerics, extreme literal adherence to Tiamat’s edicts is not necessary to pay tribute to the five-headed deity or to reap the benefits of a selfish, grudge-holding life. One can occasionally share his wealth, so long as it will bring him more wealth eventually. Nor should he throw away the benefits gain from a close tie to an ally. The ultimate requirement is a shrewd, cautious approach to life, so that one may strike down his opposition and reap the benefits in the end.

This is the life Brother Sornoa was closely following when the temple Keepers assigned him with a task; the lands surrounding Eshju were dotted with ruins and treasure holds spanning back to ancient history, a number of them known to the Tiamatan church. If he were to improve his standing within the church, he would search out these locations and take from them what wealth is within his grasp.

Naturally the church would expect some amount of indulgence, but Brother Sornoa knew he would have to tread carefully over the matter; the Chromatic Dragon taught him to guard his own hoard most of all, and he would not be swayed from the pious path by a timid sense of obligation or charity.

Quintus Sornoa

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