Tall and portly, a literal bear of a man, covered in dark grey fur. Typically dressed in loose breeches and a woolen vest, with a heavy gold-buckled belt. Tends to walk around surveying his surroundings with his huge hands on his belt and a proud smile on his face. Speaks the common language in a loud, non-fluent manner with short declarative sentences.


Shiner is the owner of both Shiner’s, a small tavern, and The Next Door Inn, a lodging establishment in an adjacent connected building. The two businesses are located just outside the waterfront district in Overlook. Their buildings have at various times been public houses and private dwellings and only recently put under a unified management by Shiner.

Shiner himself is a variant of the Shifter race often referred to as beastmen. They are exceedingly rare in the Charted Lands and are likely native to a different continent. Few see him for the shrewd businessman he is, despite the success he has built for his establishments by promoting the image of a cleaner, safer alternative to the dockside pubs, while undercutting the inns maintained in the trader’s district. Shiner keeps a hands-off approach, leaving the control of his inn and tavern mainly to his own small staff.


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