Jatama Nuuru


Human male in his early 30s. Dark-skinned, lean build, shaved head, long brown goatee. Dresses in light, flowing robes of yellow, black and orange colors and simple foreign designs. Wears a few modest rings and bracelets but overall is not very ornate in attire. Speaks softly with a strange foreign accent, with a thoughtful but enthusiastic tone.


Jatama Nuuru is the proprietor of Curios, Artifacts, and Sage Advice, a shop of consignment and research. It is located among the townhouses and guildhalls on the hill of [[Denada’s Lighthouse]], in the city of [[Overlook]].

Nuuru claims to have traveled to Overlook from a powerful kingdom on a [[Southern Continent]], seeking a place where his services may be of value. Nuuru is an experienced scholar and an avid historian, willing to pour many hours of reading into identifying rare items and compiling obscure historical references for a modest fee. His business doubles as a library and gallery, as the vast majority of relics and art pieces in his collection are up for sale.

Jatama Nuuru

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